Designed to handle the demands of busy family life, Breville’s range of stylish hand blenders will allow you to whip up great recipes for the whole family to enjoy in no time at all. From soups, smoothies, and juices, through to mash and milkshakes, these compact hand blenders are strong, simple, and easy to use – allowing you to take control of your family’s nutritional intake and revolutionise meal times and snacks.<br><br>Breville Hand Blenders are available in a range of attractive colours and styles, so you’re sure to find a hand blender that will complement your lifestyle and, of course, your kitchen. <br><br>The humble hand blender is versatile, diverse, and capable of far more than you’ve ever imagined, making fresh home cooking quicker and easier than ever before. Breville hand blenders take the effort out of pulverising fruit and veg – a few seconds of blitzing should be enough to perfect that family-favourite recipe. <br><br>These handy little blenders will also allow you to ensure the whole family gets all of the nutrients they need, whilst at school or work. For a wonderful alternative to store-bought products, which are often over-priced and packed with sugar, e-numbers, and all sorts of artificial additives, why not try using your hand blender to create delicious home-made soups, smoothies and juices?<br><br>And despite their surprising power, our hand blenders are wonderfully compact – so keeping them stored away and out of little hands is incredibly easy. <br><br>All of the hand blenders in the Breville range come complete with recipe ideas, helping you make the most of your purchase. Perfect for simplifying cooking tasks that were previously performed with other kitchen utensils, you’ll be surprised at how often you will use the hand blender.<br><br>Lumpy mash, thin, watery soups and quickly separating milkshakes will soon become a thing of the past!
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