Is it time to freshen up your Pro Kitchen Whole Fruit Juicer? If you’ve noticed that performance has slowed a little after years of use, a replacement filter could help restore your juicer to its optimum condition. A robust filter is vitally important for the Breville Pro Kitchen Whole Fruit Juicer, due to the large capacity and 85mm feeding chute. The Stainless Steel, Micro Mesh Filter Basket has been designed to catch pulp, pith and pips – so you can enjoy wonderfully fresh juices every morning. <br><br>The stainless steel, micro mesh filter fits the Pro Kitchen Whole Fruit Juicer exclusively, slotting in perfectly and offering the highest levels of performance.<br><br>Capable of taking whole fruits, the filter is responsible for disposing of a large volume of pulp and pith. Without a comprehensive filter, the taste of every glass of juice would be compromised. <br><br>The micro mesh build of this filter basket ensures that not a drop of goodness is wasted, helping you get your daily dose of vitamins and goodness in every glass. What’s more, thanks to our next day delivery option, you can be up and juicing again in no time at all.<br><br>Naturally, if you’ve recently ordered the Breville Pro Kitchen Whole Fruit Juicer from our website and the filter arrived faulty or damaged, it’s not your responsibility to pay for a replacement. Contact our customer services team on 0800 525 089 and we will replace the product or refund the price and the cost of delivery. <br><br>If you can’t find the Pro Kitchen Whole Fruit Juicer part or accessory you’re looking for, please get in touch via the Contact Us page and our team will help you find the perfect part for your needs.
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