Product FAQs

Blend Active

Can I purchase replacement bottles for my Breville Blend Active?

Yes, you can buy replacement bottles for your Breville Blend Active on this website.

Is the Blend Active mains or battery powered?

The Blend Active is mains powered. What makes the Blend Active portable is the removable bottle where you blend all your ingredients and then take away with you wherever you need to go!

The blade on my Breville Blend Active has broken

You can buy a new blade by visiting our 'spares and accessories' section, or contact us.

What is the Breville Blend Active?

The Breville Blend Active is a personal blender with a portable bottle. The Blend Active comes with a blending unit, a sports bottle (depending which model, you will get either a 600ml or 500ml bottle. Some units come with multiple bottles, please check the product descriptions.), a blade cap and a leak-proof lid. To use the Blend Active you simply pop your ingredients into the sports bottle, add the blade cap and insert onto the blending unit and press 'blend' until smooth. You then remove the sports bottle from the base unit, replace the blade lid with the leak-proof lid and you're ready to go wherever you need to with your Breville Blend Active smoothie!

Can you make milkshakes with the Breville Blend Active?

You can make milkshakes with the Breville Blend Active. Visit our recipe website for Blend Active recipes.