Product FAQs

Blend active

Can the seals be removed in the lids?

We would not advise removing the lid seal as this could cause further damage to the lid integrity and may cause future leaks. Plus it would be quite difficult to remove without pinching the rubber seal. Rinse the bottle & lid as soon as possible after use. Plus an old tooth brush may be used to assist with cleaning the hard to reach areas. New bottles with lids can be purchased from us directly.

Sweets and Chocolate?

We haven’t tested the blend active with either sweets or chocolate as its portrayed as a healthy drinks blender. My only concern is that both of these products are pretty dense in texture, whereas Ice immediately starts to break down and melt. A number of factors would need to be taken into consideration, an example would be say Maltesars, light and easily crushable, as opposed to block chocolate which is going to stick to the blades. Also quantity and is the confectionary going to be blended with liquid, this does help lubrication but we cannot guarantee either would blend sufficiently and that the blade could cope with this on a regular basis.

Blend active wattage?


Blend active weight of electrical base unit?

1.04 kg

BAP free bottles?

All plastics used are food safe and meet British & European standards

Can the Blend Active make Hemp Milk?

Generation 2 will have a seed grinder.