Product FAQs


Can you use a kettle to boil liquids other than water?

No. Only use your kettle to boil water, do not use it to heat up any other liquids.

How do you clean a kettle?

You can clean the outside of the kettle with a warm, damp cloth. Do not use any cleaning detergents or allow the base or lead of the kettle to come into contact with water.

How do you clean a kettles filter?

Before removing or refitting the filter, switch off the kettle and empty it. Allow it to cool completely, then unplug the power base from the main supply socket. Never operate the kettle without the filter fitted.

  • Open the lid and remove water from behind the spout.
  • Rinse the filter under a tap whilst brushing it with a soft brush.
  • In hard water areas it may be necessary to descale the filter using a descaling agent. Use a proprietary descaling product following the manufacturer's instructions carefully.
  • The filter may be washed safely in the cutlery rack of a dishwasher.
  • Refit the filter back into the kettle.

What does the filter in my kettle do?

All Breville kettles come with a filter in. Some are removable, and some are permanent. The filter is there to prevent the build up of limescale and other impurities.

For hard water areas, we have a range of Breville BRITA Filter kettles. Using a mixture of carbon and ion exchange resin, the BRITA filter removes hardness, chlorine, heavy metals and other organic impurities from your water to improve its taste, smell and appearance.

What is Still Hot Illumination on a Breville kettle?

The Still hot Illumination found on some Breville kettles is a unique feature that tells you when the water is still at a temperature suitable for tea and coffee, preventing the need to re-boil your kettle and waste energy.

As the water in a Still Hot jug kettle boils, the internal illumination turns from blue to red. Once the kettle has finished boiling, the internal illumination will remain red until the termperature of the water drops below 80 degrees, the perfect temperature to drink tee and coffee.

How often should you de-scale your kettle?

We recommend regularly de-scaling your kettle on a monthly basis. Not only will de-scaling your kettle regularly keep it clean and extend the life, it will save energy and produce better tasting water.

What happens if I switch on the kettle and it has no water?

If the kettle is operated with insufficient water, a built in fail-safe device will automatically switch off the kettle. We recommend you unplug the kettle and allow it to cool. When the kettle has cooled down sufficiently the device will reset itself. Then refill the kettle with cold water and use as normal.

What is Spectra Illumination on a Breville kettle?

Spectra Illuminatioin scrolls through an every changing sequence of coloured lighting whilst your kettle is on stand-by. When the Spectra Illumination kettle boils, it will turn from blue to red to act as a timer.

The water in my kettle has a funny taste, what do I do?

This is quite common if you have a new kettle. Remove the filter from your kettle and fill it 3/4 with water and boil. Once boiled, add 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda and leave to stand overnight. Discard the water then re-boil a couple of times to remove any bicarbonate soda residue.If your kettle is still producing a funny taste, please contact us via email.

Where can I buy a replacement filter, or parts for my Breville kettle?

To buy replacement filter or parts for your Breville Kettle, visit our Parts & Accessories page, or contact us.