High Gloss Collection 1.7L Kettle and 2 Slice Toaster, White

High Gloss Collection 1.7L Kettle and 2 Slice Toaster, White

The Breville High Gloss Collection 1.7L jug kettle and 2 slice toaster set, with a super high gloss white finish on the front panel and a unique perforated metal design. See More...


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High Gloss Collection 1.7L Kettle and 2 Slice Toaster, White

Kitting your stylish kitchen out with appliances needn’t be a tug of war between function and design. The High Gloss Collection in white consists of an attractive kettle and toaster combo, both boasting high performance levels and a flurry of innovative features.

This kettle and toaster set are a great upgrade for the style-conscious kitchen, providing the very bedrock of the morning routine for the busy household. Designed to be effortlessly intuitive and simple to use, the appliances give you greater freedom to whip up breakfasts to order and snacks throughout the day.

With more than a nod to retro appliance design of the 60s and 70s, the High Gloss Collection complements a wide range of different kitchen styles. Whether you’re going for the minimalistic, contemporary look or hoping to capture the charming kitsch of yesteryear, the combo makes a great addition to the kitchen.

But it’s not all fashionable flourishes and pretty design work, both the kettle and the toaster in the set boast a series of innovative functions which lend them perfectly to the busy household. The kettle benefits from a large viewing window with illuminating panel, whilst the toaster features a range of functions including variable browning control and extra-high lift functionality – so you can toast to absolute perfection.

Both appliances offer a series of ergonomic flourishes, so they’re extra-easy to use, even if you suffer from reduced or limited dexterity. And the small footprint of the appliances mean they require minimal space on the kitchen work surface.

And finally, the minimalistic design of the two appliances make them simple to clean and maintain – ensuring your kitchen continues to look its beautiful best for longer. The white gloss finish and stainless steel flourishes of the two appliances mean you can simply wipe clean most stains – perfect for the busy household and hectic morning routine.