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General Coffee Makers FAQ

At Breville, we understand just how important your coffee maker can be. Sometimes it seems that the entire family struggles to function until you’ve got your hands wrapped around your first steaming mug of aromatic coffee. After that first cup of coffee, no family emergency seems impossible to tackle and you’re ready to lead the troops through the hectic morning routine.

That’s why we have, firstly, created all of our coffee makers to be simple to use, reliable and hard wearing. Secondly, we have moved to answer all the most common questions and queries about our range of coffee makers, ensuring that you always have access to delicious coffee when you want or need it the most. We believe that families shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to serving up delicious, fresh coffee every morning and throughout the day.

These FAQs tackle the questions we most commonly hear, helping the owners of our appliances make the absolute most of their products. And we haven’t forgotten those who are simply browsing for a new coffee maker. In the ‘Need Assistance Making a Purchase?’ section, we have offered advice to help make choosing the perfect model, then completing the order process, incredibly simple.

Alternatively, if your coffee maker has a faulty or missing component, we can help you find the replacement piece in our comprehensive Spares and Accessories section. With a next-day delivery option, your coffee maker could be back up and working again in next to no time. Alternatively, if the ordered replacement is not needed quite so urgently, we also offer a standard delivery option which will have the piece with you in three to five days.

If you have any further questions about any products in the coffee maker range from Breville, please do not hesitate to contact us or call our customer service team on 0800 525 089.

I need a spare part?

Link to webpage or call us on (+44) (0) 800 525 089, or email us on

Need assistance making a purchase?

For sales assistance to place an order for new products & spares please contact us on (+44) (0) 800 525 089, or email us on

Need assistance slow/rice cooker not working?

For assistance please contact us on (+44) (0) 800 525 089, or email us on