DuraCeramic™ Easy Clean Sandwich Toaster


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With the Deep Fill Easy Clean Sandwich Toaster, toastie lovers can enjoy even more of their favourite fillings, without fuss. The easy-clean DuraCeramic™ plates, variable temperature controls and the much-loved deep fill design are perfect for less filling leakage and endless toastie capabilities.  See More...

Additional Information

Ideal for those with a sweet tooth, the Deep Fill Easy Clean Sandwich Toaster features a dual temperature control (High and Low), which can be adjusted depending on the ingredients used. From toastie pain au chocolats to sponge cakes, this feature allows experimental cooks greater control over fillings and bread types, as ingredients with higher sugar content would ordinarily burn more easily without the Low temperature option. Those in a rush will benefit from the new sandwich toaster’s unique DuraCeramic™ coating, which heats up 20% faster, for perfectly browned toasties in no time at all. Tasty, yet notoriously messy, normally the only downside of making homemade toasties is cleaning the sandwich toaster afterwards. However, the model’s DuraCeramic™ non-stick coating makes cleaning a breeze as any leftover residue can be effortlessly wiped away from the removable plates. Better still, the coating is scratch-resistant and four times more durable and heat resistant than other non-stick coatings, ensuring the longevity of your toaster. To sweeten the deal, the Deep Fill Easy clean Sandwich Toaster also features Breville’s famous Cut & Seal technology for perfectly-formed, pre-sliced toasties. This fully enclosed plate system also prevents filling leakage, even with large or small pieces of bread. Once the toasties have been devoured, the Deep Fill Easy clean Sandwich Toaster can be easily stowed in cupboards with its efficient cord storage, handle lock and flat rear panel, which enable it to be stored upright and out of the way, until next time.
  • Deep fill design for even more of your favourite fillings with Cut and Seal system
  • Removable plates with unique, natural DuraCeramic™ coating for better results compared to standard non-stick
  • Improved heat transfer for even browning; up to four times more durable; easier to clean; free from PTFE & PFOA
  • High and Low temperature settings to suit different bread types and fillings
  • Power on and ready-to-cook indicators
  • High hinge for less mess
  • Cool-touch handle, non-slip feet and cord storage
  • Stainless steel finish





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