Product FAQs

Halo Fryer

Does the VDF105 have a light as well as the element like the VDF065?

No it only has the element

Can you cook a chicken in it?

No we do not recommend you cook a whole chicken in the Halo. 1. The only whole chicken to fit in realistically would be a baby chicken ( a Poussin) even then it would be a squeeze with the centre hub. 2. A whole chicken would need to be portioned up and the skin removed 3. Chicken skin is very fatty and would give off a lot of smoke. In the IB we do not recommend cooking very fatty products, eg poor quality sausages, lamb chops, chicken with the skin on


I would have to say that we don't recommend fritters be cooked in the Halo. The reason for this is that fritters need to be deep/shallow fried to achieve the crispy battered texture (bit like chippy fish). As it’s a health fryer adding too much oil will make it smoke as it overheats, this could become dangerous.There are recipes on the web for an alternative healthy style fritter, but these are not deep fried and don't resemble the originals too much.