Product FAQs


Do vegetables, fruit, etc. lose much of their nutrients in the juice-extraction process ?

You shouldn’t use juice as a replacement for your whole fruit and veggies, it’s an easy supplement to getting more nutrients into your diet. You still need the fiber from the whole fruit and veg, this is important. As Juices tend to lose their nutritional value almost immediately. Juice should ideally should be consumed, within one to two hours of juicing.

How high is the spout up from the bottom?

Approximately 15cm

Is it absolutely necessary to drink the juices immediately after extraction, or can the juices be refrigerated for use over a day or two ?

The minute you juice fresh fruit and vegetables the cell walls of these foods break open, providing you with all their nutrients. Many of these nutrients are very sensitive to air, heat, light and time and this will cause their degeneration. The best policy is to drink the juice right after juicing.