Test your fast food knowledge with Breville’s tasty teaser

Woman eating fast food

Whether it's finger-lickin' chicken, juicy burgers or a pizza with your favourite toppings, there's nothing quite like tucking into the guiltiest of pleasures that is fast food. And we Britons love the stuff – eating 100 million fast food and takeaway meals a day in 2017 alone!

When it comes to eating out, studies show that men are more partial to food of the fast variety, with over 55% opting for these convenience foods at least once per week, compared to just 44% of women. And while that may be bad news for our collective waistlines, there's no denying that those delicious meals always go down a treat.

From those stats, it's pretty obvious that we know what we like from our fast food, so much so we could probably guess the most popular choices based on their ingredients alone. Handily, that's just what we've prepared for you: a quiz that'll test your knowledge as much as it'll whet your appetite!

Friends sharing pizza

We delved deep into the biggest and best fast food restaurant menus from around the country, picking out their tastiest, most iconic selections and splitting them into their constituent ingredients to see if you can guess them by name.

From towering, multi-layered burgers to pizzas and sub sandwiches, all tastes are catered to here, including those who prefer a non-carnivorous choice. Yep, we've included some vegetarian and vegan options in our quiz too, reflecting how fast food chains stay up to speed with current appetites, optimising their menus with a variety of non-meat options so everyone can enjoy their tasty treats.

We quizzed over 2000 Britons and found that only 1/10 answered all of the questions correctly! The average people answered 8 out of 13 questions correctly. One of the most surprising outcomes is that Big Mac which is hailed the most recognisable burger was actually the 4th most recognisable in our quiz! The most recognisable was the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, whilst the least recognisable is the Burger King Bacon King.

The hardest questions to answer were pizza questions, showing that most of our quiz takers know their burgers but struggle to see the difference between a Pizza Hut and a Domino’s meat feat pizzas. The fastest quiz taker answered in an impressive 1minutes 47 seconds, this is compared to our average 4 minutes!

Think you’re up to the challenge? Don your thinking caps and dig into our devilishly tricky fast food quiz below.


So, how did you do? Did you super-size your score, or were you scrabbling around the saver menu?

Whilst we all love a treat every now and then, ordering fast good every day is far from perfect. So, to help you whip up amazing meals at home, check out Breville's range of kitchen appliances that make it super simple to make extra-tasty treats the whole family will love.