Take back control of what you feed your family with Breville’s blending and juicing range. Create delicious soups, smoothies and juices from scratch – using your family’s favourite ingredients and your own secret recipes. From delicious and nutritious pre-workout smoothies to warming winter soups; Breville’s blending and juicing range can help you perfect a huge range of recipes.<br><br>Quick, simple and safe to use, the blenders and juicers from Breville give you the chance to be creative in your kitchen – whether you follow recipes or instinct. The sizeable range from Breville includes blenders and juicers designed to fit into all lifestyles, complementing you and your family’s day-to-day life.<br><br>Sugar-packed and expensive store-bought juices and smoothies will become a thing of the past, as you’re given the chance to produce fresh, and nutritious drinks for your family. Ensure they’re getting a nutritionally-balanced snack drink to power their body and mind through the day. Only let the good stuff in, with the help of Breville’s blending and juicing range.<br><br>With Breville blending and juicing products starting at as little as £10, creating delicious and nutritious drinks, snacks and light meals for your family needn’t be expensive. Designed to fit into everyday family life, all Breville items are super easy to use and simple to clean – giving you more time to enjoy your fresh creations.<br><br>And if you’re looking to overhaul your blending and juicing activities, our Blend Active personal blenders provides you with everything you need to revolutionise how you enjoy smoothies, juices, soups and much more. All with the Breville guarantee of quality.
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