Since launching the world’s first sandwich toasting machine over 40 years ago, the Breville name has been synonymous with this handy kitchen appliance. And, to this day, we continue to innovate sandwich-making technology to complement the modern household. <br><br>Our comprehensive range of simple-to-use, affordable, and high-performance toasted sandwich makers and panini presses will revolutionise meal and snack times - delivering delicious and creative sandwiches with minimal effort in a matter of minutes. <br><br>Complete with innovative features and functions, our range of sandwich makers will spice up lunch times and snack times for the whole family.<br><br>Whether you’re looking for a machine capable of making the classic toasted sandwiches from your childhood, or a press that will allow you to replicate the delicious paninis of your local coffee shop, we’ve got the sandwich maker for you. <br><br>Over the decades, the sandwich toasters that helped us make our name have been perfected and finely tuned to meet the needs of the modern family. The current two-slice sandwich toasters are wonderfully easy to use with power-on and ready-to-cook indicators clearly displayed on the top, as well cut-and-seal technology to guarantee a crispy exterior and gooey inside. <br><br>Popular with the whole family, paninis may seem more like a treat reserved for visits to local cafes and eateries. But, thanks to our selection of panini makers, it really has never been easier to toast up these delicious sandwiches in the comfort of your own home. With large, ergonomic handles and a hinged lid, you can press paninis, ciabattas, filled naan breads, and much more in a matter of seconds. The versatile machines can also be used to toast teacakes, crumpets, and croissants to perfection.<br><br>Expertly designed with a variety of flourishes and features, all of the sandwich makers in the Breville range have been crafted to effortlessly complement the modern kitchen and busy family life.
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