Breville’s comprehensive range of fryers and health fryers are sure to be a great addition to the modern family kitchen – helping you to create a huge selection of delicious and healthy recipes, quickly and easily. Available in a range of different builds and offering a selection of functions and features, Breville’s deep fat fryers can help you produce delicious meals quickly and simply for your family. <br><br>Alternatively, if you’re looking for a health-conscious frying solution, the Halo range of health fryers are perfect for those who want the efficiency and simplicity of a deep fat fryer, whilst keeping a close eye on their family’s oil intake.<br><br>From classic family favourites such as fish and chips to more exotic options such as prawn tempura, Breville’s fryers and health fryers can be used to cook up a huge range of wonderful meals and snacks in double-quick time.<br><br>Whether you’re looking for a traditional deep fat fryer or a healthier alternative, the Breville range of fryers is sure to offer the perfect appliance for you and your family. <br><br>Designed for the modern household, every appliance in Breville’s fryer and health fryer range boasts a large capacity, so you can fry up a large batch of chips for the whole table – even when friends pop around for dinner. <br><br>If you’re counting the calories or making an effort to eat healthier options, the Halo fryers from Breville ensure you can still enjoy all of your favourite meals. The health fryers can also bake, sauté and even roast a huge selection of family favourite meals. <br><br>Quick and easy to use, Breville have fitted their Halo health fryers with clever halogen heating elements, so you needn’t wait for the appliances to heat up - perfect on a week night when the family doesn’t want to wait for their delicious, healthy evening meal!
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