Does your family enjoy nothing more than perfectly-fried chips and onions rings? Are you conflicted by a desire to help them maintain a healthy diet with fewer fried foods? The Halo Health Fryers range is the perfect compromise – serving up delicious fried meals and treats, whilst using as little as half a teaspoon of oil to achieve that perfect golden glow. <br><br>And, even if you’ve never used a fryer or deep fat frying appliance before, the clever designs of our Halo Health Fryers ensures they’re simple to use - so you’ll be frying up all those family favourites with next to no effort<br><br>By reducing the amount of oil used, the Halo range of fryers allows you to fry up everything from chips and crispy fish, to prawn tempura and golden pork balls, with the health-conscious dinner table in mind. Your family will be overjoyed when all their favourite dishes and treats appear back on the dinnertime menu!<br><br>Halo Health Fryers have been designed to be quick, easy, and hassle-free to use. With digital displays and large viewing windows, you can keep an eye on your frying progress, ensuring that every item is browned to absolute perfection.<br><br>To ensure the fryers are family friendly, they boast a series of clever features to help protect little hands. The fryers’ cool-touch bodies ensure that they can sit pretty on the kitchen work surface without posing a hazard for curious children and pets. Additionally, smart lock lids ensure that your dishes can be fried to perfection without any unwanted interruptions. <br><br>Every Halo Health Fryer has been designed to complement modern family life, ensuring they are super easy to clean and maintain. With removable and dishwasher-safe components, you can quickly and simply return the fryers to their just-bought best - meaning no residual oil will remain in the appliance, ensuring a fresh and delicious taste.
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