Create delicious, home-cooked meals for your family every night of the week with a slow cooker from Breville. If you and the family are at work and school all day, the last thing any of you will want to do when returning home is start cutting veg and pre-heating the oven. This is the beauty of the slow cooker - leave it cooking and you’ll come home to perfectly prepared stews, casseroles, curries and much more. Then all you’ll have to do is dish up and serve.<br><br>All of the slow cookers in the Breville range are incredibly simple to use.<br><br>We all know how hectic modern family life can be, and the slow cooker can help cut down on one of the most time-consuming daily tasks we all face - feeding the family delicious and nutritionally-balanced meals. In fact, many slow cooker recipes just require the ingredients loading into the appliance – a quick and simple night-before job. <br><br>As well as being quick and easy, slow cooking meals in their own juices can lead to wonderfully tender, flavoursome results – with no effort or technique required. Perfect on a cold winter weekend, succulent stews and warming curries will marinate through the day, ensuring they’re wonderfully cooked in time for the evening meal. <br><br>The potential of the slow cooker is almost limitless, and should not just be reserved for the evening meal. Warming, decadent breakfasts and delicious hot desserts can be whipped up quickly and simply with the help of the slow cooker. How does slow-cooked gooey chocolate brownie sound?<br><br>From the 1.5l Slow Cooker, perfect for couples and single servings, through to the family-sized 4.5 Slow Cooker, we’ve ensured that these devices offer versatile functionality and simple use. <br><br>Furthermore, the removable ceramic cooking bowls of the slow cookers are perfect for serving at the table, and are incredibly easy to clean.
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