Stylish, powerful and hugely versatile, Breville’s range of hand mixers are perfect for both aspiring and experienced bakers looking to whip up cakes, cookies, and much more. Each of the hand mixers has been ergonomically designed to be incredibly easy and comfortable to use. So, even if you’re mixing up a huge serving of cakes and cookies, their lightweight design will ensure you can whip up delicious batter quickly and effortlessly. <br><br>With more than a hint of retro flair, these Breville hand mixers are available in three stylish colours - pistachio, vanilla cream, and strawberry cream.<br><br>As well as allowing you to cook up a storm in the kitchen, these lightweight hand mixers are ideal if you’re looking to introduce your little ones to the wonderful world of baking. We all know how much kids love sweet treats and, thanks to Breville hand mixers, they can learn how all their favourite cakes and cookies are made from scratch. <br><br>These hand mixers from Breville benefit from a selection of effective and efficient safety features. From the power-on indicator to the flat heel to ensure upright standing, these features provide optimum safety and protection, without compromising on performance. <br><br>Another clever little addition to the hand mixers is the thumb control speed selector - giving you greater control over the mixture and ensuring you achieve peak fluffiness. And, with five different speed selections, you can whip up the perfect mixture with minimal effort. <br><br>Here at Breville, we strongly believe that our appliances should do all the hard work, taking the strain off you and your family in the kitchen. Perfect for the busy modern family, our hand mixers’ durable, long-lasting, and dishwasher-safe beaters make maintenance and cleaning incredibly simple – allowing you to spend more time creating beautiful cake and cookie recipes, and less time cleaning up!
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