From mixing up decadent cake batter in a flash to instantly mashing lump-free potatoes, Breville’s versatile stand and hand mixers can simplify a huge number of kitchen tasks - allowing you to cook up delicious, nutritious dishes for the whole family to enjoy. Designed for comfortable and simple use, all of our stand and hand mixers benefit from large ergonomic handles, buttons and switches – giving you complete and total control. <br><br>Understanding that the modern kitchen should be a calm sanctuary, all of our stand and hand mixers are designed to be as attractive and compact as possible without compromising on performance.<br><br>The stand and hand mixers in this range are quick and simple to use, whilst being robust and durable enough to handle even the largest of jobs in the kitchen. <br><br>With large volume mixing bowls and up to 15 different speed settings, the stand and hand mixers from Breville are capable of handling large mixing duties. So, if you’ve been put in charge of baking for a local cake sale or a child’s birthday party, these versatile, high-volume mixers will help you whip up perfect batter for delicious sweet treats! <br><br>But that’s not to say that this stand and hand mixer range is targeted only at the sweet of tooth, far from it. Our clever, innovative devices, will also allow you to effortlessly make a huge selection of savoury dishes. From mashing creamy potatoes, mixing up dips and sauces, and kneading dough for homemade bread, these versatile mixers can help with all manner of everyday cooking tasks. <br><br>Complementing busy modern lives, these stand and hand mixers are designed to be quick and simple to clean and maintain. With removable parts and wipe-clean exteriors, cleaning is an effortless process – meaning you can spend more time enjoying your delicious freshly baked cakes.
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