Breville’s unique and innovative Blend Active range is revolutionising how people make and enjoy fresh homemade smoothies, juices and milkshakes. The simple, effective and quick in-bottle blend action of the Blend Active range is perfect for those want a smoothie on-the-go. <br><br>Removing the need for blending jugs and extra parts; simply fill the bottle with your favourite ingredients, screw the bottle directly onto the motorised base, blend and unscrew – and you’ve got yourself a delicious and nutritious smoothie. This simplified approach to homemade smoothies and juices is a welcome first-step for families looking to improve their nutrition. <br><br>Get creative with the Blend Active range, mixing up all sorts of delightful fruits, vegetables and nuts. The powerful blades can make short work of a huge array of ingredients, giving you freedom to create the pre-workout smoothie of your dreams. Every blender in the Blend Active range comes complete with a recipe ideas booklet – helping you develop unusual and exciting treats for the whole family. <br><br>Incredibly simple to use and to clean, the Blend Active range of blenders from Breville can significantly reduce your preparation and washing up time – giving you more time to enjoy your homemade smoothies and juices.<br><br>Even the bottles have been carefully designed to support the busy lifestyle. Not only do they fit directly onto the motorised base of the blender, but they feature non-drip caps and easy-grip bodies – great for those who are powering through a run or exertive session at the gym. <br><br>The comprehensive Blend Active range from Breville includes kits suitable for all families and individuals. The family sets include a number of different sized bottles, so everyone can enjoy great-tasting and nutritious smoothies and juices. Or if you’d rather customise your Blend Active kit, additional bottles can be purchased from the online store.
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