Always switch off and unplug your HotCup water dispenser and allow it to completely cool before cleaning. Never immerse the base unit, power cord or plug in water or any other liquid. Do not use harsh abrasives, chemicals or oven cleaners.

Emptying your HotCup water dispenser

  1. After your HotCup water dispenser has completely cooled down, unplug it from the mains supply socket.
  2. Press the lid release button.
  3. Hot your HotCup water dispenser over a sink and pour the water out.
  4. Still holding your HotCup water dispenser over the sink, turn it the right way up and allow any water to drain out of the dispensing nozzle. If no water drains out of the nozzle, it may be because the stop button has been accidentally or intentionally pressed. Press the start button to allow water to drain from the nozzle.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all the water has been emptied from your HotCup water dispenser.

Cleaning the outside

Clean the exterior surface of your HotCup water dispenser with a damp cloth and then polish it with a soft, dry cloth. DO not use steel wool pads or harsh/abrasive cleaners.