Product FAQs

Product features

What is the high lift feature on a Breville toaster?

The high lift feature on your Breville toaster uses the loading handle to help you remove the toast. When toasting has finished, simply list the loading handle upwards from its rest position to raise the toast and make it easier to remove.

What is variable browning control?

The browning control regulates how much the bread is toasted - in other words, the colour of the toast. Lower settings product lighter toast and higher settings produce darker toast. When setting the browning control, remember that dry or thin slices of bread will toast quicker and require a lower setting. Moist or thick slices of bread will require a higher setting.

What is the Lift & Look feature?

The Lift & Look feature is exclusive to Breville toasters. We've designed this feature knowing that you may want to toast smaller slices of bread, crumpets, muffins and bagels. The Lift & Look feature allows you to check whatever you're toasting mid-cycle by using the levers to eject the bread, crumpet, muffin or bagel to ensure it isn't burnt, or to simply check the progress of your toasting.