10 reasons you should filter your water


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It is thought that up to two-thirds of the human body is made up of water, so it naturally follows that staying hydrated is important. Drinking enough water can contribute to a healthy heart, better mood and clearer skin, plus it might significantly raise your energy levels. The benefits of drinking enough water are well documented (according to the NHS, this is 6 x 8oz glasses or around two litres a day) but how important is it to filter the water you drink?


Many of us, especially those with young families to consider are increasingly seeking out information on water filters in a bid to improve the quality of water that we consume.


It has to be said that the UK has some of the highest standards for tap water in the world and it’s certainly safe to drink directly from the tap but could filtering it take your water from ‘fine’ to ‘great’?


Take a look at our comprehensive list of why picking up a water filter might just be the best thing you do today!


  1. Tap water might not be as clear as it looks

Water companies in the UK provide vital services to treat and clean water but even cleaned water might not be as spotless as you’d like. According to Thames Water, several processes are used, and the raw water taken from reservoirs and rivers is subjected to screening, filtration, aeration and disinfection. So far so clean, but consider for a moment that water travels through miles of pipeline to reach your home and could come into contact with contaminants along the way. All in all, a water filter might just make you feel safe in the knowledge that your water will have an extra clean before your family drink it.

  1. It could save you money

You could save big in the long run when you stop spending unnecessary money on pricey bottled water. If you’re forever buying bottled water to avoid tap, then a water filter could pay for itself in no time. Avoiding purchases of bottled water could save you hundreds of pounds a year.


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  1. Do your bit for the environment

While you’re saving big on the cash you spend on bottled water, you’re also saving on all that plastic usage. Even when you choose water bottles that can be recycled, there’s still a cost and effect of the recycling process. Plus, all that bottled water is transported across the country to your local shop, so you’re reducing your carbon footprint, too. Use a water filter, reduce waste and do your bit for the planet.

  1. Consume less limescale …

In the UK, we have many hard water areas which means there’s a high concentration of limescale (this is the stuff that leaves white marks on your draining board and in your kettle). It doesn’t sound pleasant but limescale is completely harmless for you and your family to drink. A build-up of limescale though can block up the teat of baby bottles and make it difficult for infants to swallow their milk or water. This can lead to air bubbles in water that contribute to tummy aches and wind. In essence, you shouldn’t worry but it’s good to limit limescale before it creates problems.

  1. … and chlorine…

Chlorine is used by water companies to disinfect our drinking water from waterborne microbes. It also helps to keep pipes clean and to maintain hygienic conditions from reservoir to tap. By the time it reaches us, the amount of chlorine is so small that it poses virtually no harm to health and the World Health Organisation state that any risk from chlorine by-products are small in comparison with the risks involved with drinking untreated water. However, there are various studies that suggest we should aim to reduce the amount of chlorine we consume, and a filter will help us to do just that.


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  1. …and lead!

Unlike chlorine and limescale, lead can have a negative impact on our health, particularly for infants, young children and pregnant women. UK water companies do all that they can to limit the amount of lead that makes it to our taps and the use of lead pipes are now prohibited but if your home was built before 1970 then there’s a chance that your pipes could be made from it. Water companies are on a mission to replace all lead pipes but if you’re at all worried then water companies will test the levels of lead in your drinking water free of charge. Water filters are designed to remove almost all the lead present in your tap water making them invaluable for families.

  1. It tastes better

The chemicals that we’ve listed above aren’t necessarily harmful but, to put it bluntly, they can cause your tap water to taste rather unpleasant. You’ve probably been in a swimming pool and accidentally swallowed a mouthful of chlorinated water before, if your water has high levels of chlorine, you can sometimes have a similar experience drinking from your tap. It’s not harmful, but sometimes you can’t beat a nice, cold glass of fresh-tasting water! By filtering water, you can remove the chlorine and other chemicals which could affect the taste of your water.

  1. It smells better, too

Have you ever turned on the tap and realised there’s a slightly metallic or chemical smell? This is all down to the elements that either make it through the filtering process or are added at the disinfection stage. By filtering your tap water, you can remove any unpleasant scents and make your drinking experience far more enjoyable.

  1. Perfect temperature

There’s nothing like a glass of perfectly-chilled water. Unfortunately, we have zero control over the temperature of tap water even if we run it for five minutes first! With a filter though, you can pop your water jug into the fridge for perfectly chilled water guaranteed.

  1. Impress your pals

You’ve cooked the perfect meal, the table is dressed to perfection and you’ve chosen a great, ambient playlist. The stage is set for your dinner party but if your guest asks for a glass of tap water, you’d much prefer it came from a chilled filter than the tap, right? Impress your pals and be the ultimate party host when you invest in a filter.


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Water filtration is a simple way to support the health of your family. Avoid unnecessary consumption of chemicals, improve the taste and maybe even do your bit for the environment. If you’re already unsure about tap water, then the money you save from limiting your mineral water consumption will pay for your filter in no time. It’s win-win!


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