5 juice recipes for clean eating


The new year is always a time for trying something new, leaving behind old habits and getting the new year off to a great start. And if you’ve been on a bit of a health kick since the festive period ended, why not boost your fruit and veg intake even more by adding a few delicious juice recipes to your culinary arsenal?

With our Blend Active range of blenders, you can make delicious, nutritious juices in an instant, perfect for getting some on-the-go goodness whether you’re heading back from the gym or on the way to work. The Blend Active range is all about making clean eating easier than ever, so if you’re looking to put some pep in your step, we’ve collected some tasty juice recipes to help you get the inspiration going.


The benefits of juice

  • Juice can be packed with all sorts of vitamins and enzymes, which are absorbed into the bloodstream far quicker than consuming them as solids.
  • The healthy, nutritious stuff in juice improves blood circulation, transporting oxygen around the whole body and brain, improving alertness and boosting mood.
  • Even if it’s not your main goal, juice can help you shed weight.
  • Since juices tend to be alkaline in nature, they draw out acids from the body, and release toxins through channels of the body including the kidneys, skin and the lungs.
  • The nutrients in certain juices protect against cardiovascular diseases, cancer and ailments such as like arthritis and osteoporosis.


image of vegetable smoothie


Stress-busting Juice

For all your good intentions, the winter can end up being a pretty stressful time, especially when it comes to getting back into the swing of your work schedule. Ease back into things with the help of this stress-busting detox juice.

Loaded with refreshing, super healthy ingredients like cucumber, orange and mint leaves, the addition of chamomile tea soothes and calms, making for a much-needed drink at the end of a long day. Plus, the inclusion of nutrients such as folic acid aids with the creation of dopamine, which can help improve mood as well as a whole host of other health benefits.


Kale & Pear

It wouldn’t be a list of healthy juice recipes without including kale, the perennial superfood that’s packed with a plethora of nutrients. The leafy green makes its appearance in this delicious kale and pear recipe here, a refreshing glug that also includes pear, lime and celery. And when kale is around, spinach is never far behind either!


image of green smoothie


A great way of adding to your five a day, this delicious juice has plenty of vitamin A and C, while spinach also fortifies things with good stuff like iron and fibre. A superb detoxing drink that’s sure to clear the cobwebs left over from the festive period.


Lemon & Ginger

Looking for a morning pick-me-up without the caffeine? Start your day off with this delicious green juice. Refreshing and cleansing, you’ll find vitamin C and antioxidants in abundance here, with the lemon and ginger adding a zingy kick that gets you going from the first sip.

While the addition of red pepper might seem strange at first, don’t fret, this is a mild juice that’s going to increase your veg intake and get you feeling good before you’ve even left the house. The recipe makes the apple optional, but a touch of sweetness, it’s well worth adding.


Carrot & Orange

During the cold season, our immune systems end up going through the wringer, leaving us open to all sorts of illnesses. If you’ve been feeling a little worse for wear lately, then this bright, flavoursome juice can really strengthen your immune system. Stocked up with vitamins A and C, there’s plenty of delicious fruit and veg here to combat the bad stuff the winter throws at us.


image of fruit smoothie


Whether you have it in the morning, through the day, or in the evening, it’s a simple, effective way to guard against illness while also increasing your fruit and veg intake. What’s not to like?


Apple, Carrot & Beetroot

Love them or hate them, beetroots have been associated with all sorts of health benefits, including improved blood flow, lower blood pressure and optimised exercise performance. If you like the sound of that, but don’t like the taste of beetroots all that much, why not give this juice a go? With carrots, apples, and ginger for added vitamins and anti-inflammatory benefits, this is well worth trying.

You might need to play around with the amounts to find a taste that’s to your liking, but who knows? It may lead to more experimenting in the kitchen, and that’s what we like to see at Breville!



We hope this article helps to make healthy eating easier. You’ll find our Blend Active range here, while the full range of Breville products - whatever you’re looking for - can all be found at our homepage here.