7 Unconventional Recipes You Can Use Your Toastie Maker For



One of the finest comfort foods you can make in the kitchen is a really good toastie, bubbling with gooey cheese, and enjoying it while you are on the couch in front of your favourite TV show. Even right now, we bet you have a pretty vivid picture of doing that in your head. So why mess with perfection?


But, by only making toasties in your toastie maker, you'll miss out on all the other wonderful and delicious things you can make with this ubiquitous kitchen essential. From breakfast mainstays to sweet treats, there's a whole host of different foods you can make using your toastie maker. We'll present some of our favourites for you to try below...

  1. Omelettes

If you're in need of something quick, hearty and healthy in the morning, then break out the toastie maker and give these easy omelettes a go. Simply whisk up two eggs in a bowl, season with salt and pepper, then throw in the toppings of your choice. We like red and green peppers, some grated cheese and a bit of chopped up bacon in ours, but go for whatever you like!




Pour into all compartments of your toastie maker, and cook on both sides for one and a half minutes each. No awkward flipping needed, just a quick, tasty breakfast that's ready to eat in no time.

  1. Pancakes

Speaking of breakfast, did you know you can also make pancakes in your toastie maker? We all love a pancake but the usual way of making them can get a bit messy, which is not what you want in the morning. We prefer this toastie maker version, which is light, fluffy and healthy, making for a delicious way to start the day before heading to work. There are a few unusual ingredients, like Greek yoghurt and vanilla extract that go into it too, which add some excellent subtle flavours.

  1. Brownies

Properly made brownies are a thing of beauty: chewy, fudgy and delicious. And if your oven's currently in use and you're really craving brownies, then good news – you can use your toastie maker or panini press to make them.

And what's more, they're a breeze to make. Just put everything together as you would normally, pour into a shallow pan, and close the lid on your press. Be sure to exercise caution – these are seriously addictive.



  1. Quesadillas

Back to the savoury stuff, these delicious quesadillas are an excellent alternative to your usual toastie. Anyone who's well-versed in Mexican food knows that quesadillas are impossible to resist. This delicious take on the classic adds plenty of different textures into the mix but you can add whatever you like. Just throw in your favourite toppings, make a big batch, and get scoffing!

Additionally, why not make some guacamole and refried beans, chill some beers and have a

top-notch Mexican night in?

  1. Spiced lamb pitta

Add a little Middle Eastern flavour into the mix with these deliciously filling spiced lamb pittas. The spice and texture combinations here are ones to be savoured, making for something different from your usual mid-week meal.

Pittas are notoriously difficult to fill while maintaining their structure, so try not to go overboard when adding the filling. However, a few minutes under the heat of your toastie maker, and that delicious pitta casing should crisp up and be enough to lock in the fillings before tucking in.


waffle cones

  1. Ice cream cones

We love these little boutique-style ice cream cones courtesy of Panini Happy!. Really, the process is pretty much the same one you'd see when made in store. Making the batter is simple enough, but rolling it into the traditional cone shape is a bit trickier. Not only do you have to work with hot cooked batter, you only have around a 10-second window before they set, so you have to be quick to roll them into a cone (don't worry, the recipe shows you how).

It's well worth treating yourself to some delicious artisanal ice cream over the usual supermarket Neapolitan to really top off these homemade cones.


  1. Veggie kebabs

If it's a bit rainy outside, then why not bring the BBQ inside and use your sandwich or panini press to make some delicious veggie skewers. Chop up some red peppers, courgettes and red onions, add your favourite seasonings and throw them under the heat for a few minutes. You can even add some cubes of halloumi or tofu for an added bite.


If you’re looking for further mealtime inspiration, head over to the Breville homepage. We’ve a whole range of kitchen essentials that can take the hard work out of creating brilliant dishes for the whole family.