Capable of creating crisp, thick and delightful toasted sandwiches to delight the entire family, the Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster is one of our most popular appliances. With our Replacement Plates for the Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster, you can rest assured that your beloved appliance will continue to turn out delicious toasted sandwiches for years to come. <br><br>Built to the exact design specifications of the original plates, the replacement plates simply slot into the appliance, so you can return to toasting delicious sandwiches for the whole family.<br><br>Our sandwich toasters have been feeding busy families for over 40 years, making it super easy to whip up an amazing array of delicious toasted sandwiches in a matter of minutes. <br><br>And, if you’re one of the many households that sees their Breville sandwich toaster as an integral pat of their kitchen, it’s important that it continues to perform at the optimum level. <br><br>That’s where our range of spare parts and accessories for sandwich toasters comes in. Complete with Breville’s non-stick design and cut and seal technology, our replacement plates will help your sandwich toaster produce delightful meals and snacks that are crisp and toasty on the outside, whilst remaining hot and gooey on the inside. <br><br>At Breville, we promise to replace any products which arrive faulty or damaged completely free of charge, or offer a refund complete with delivery costs. If your Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster arrived with faulty plates, call our customer services team on 0800 525 089 and we we’ll get a replacement straight out to you.<br><br>And, if the replacement part you require for your Breville sandwich toaster isn’t here, simply get in touch via our Contact Us page and we’ll help in any way we can.
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